Gamification meets          Customer Support 

At, our vision is to create a fun, value-driven product that enhances skills and productivity for Customer Service Experts using gamification and applied AI.

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Join our ambitious, strong-minded and challenge-loving team of entrepreneurs in the heart of Amsterdam where we are building our Customer Service Dōjō.

Open Positions

Working at Ticketless

We are a start up. literally. that means roles, accountabilities are not distributed yet - it's all hands on deck. if you like to take on accountability and responsibility. you have a skillset, you are looking for a next step and want to build into a leadership role. Your impact is huge - you will be part of the original team, part of building up the corporate identity and company culture. 

Automation in Customer Service

Until the dawn of the conscious machine - that shows empathy like a human - we do not believe in the full automation of customer service centres, nor in the total replacement of customer service agents. #noempathynobots

We do believe in a collaboration that boosts humans with Artificial Intelligence models that leverages both of their strengths. 

Applied Artificial Intelligence

We work with applied AI rather than moonshot AI because it generates business value immediately. We want to build an off-the-shelf product. Rather than build the theoretically complex algorithm, we want to bring our clients value from the moment they start working with our product. #bestvalueforeffort

Gamify, or go home

We believe gamification is the best way to build our product and bring value to our customers. A finite universe, a clear goal to achieve and a vast combination of actions to perform.

Increasing Agent Motivation & Engagement - customer service (CS) is a reactive process dependent on incoming requests from clients. The game gets them engaged, gives them a goal to work towards and measures their progress in a way the whole team can relate to.

Showcase our AI - the simplified and contained environment the game creates is the perfect environment for our AI model to play, learn, and show off its immediate value.

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